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Funky Lyrics

Five Deez Funky

All the brothers, All the ladies
Aw yeah
Whatever you doing right now
You got to get your funk
Pase, where you at? Go-Go get 'em!
(Wiggle me)?, we about to set it
You don't even know about this

[Verse 1: Pase Rock]
Get busy, Get live
Get around, Get funky
Get stupid, Get ghost
Get sex, Get close
Get crazy, Get over
Get young, Get older
Get drunk, Get laid
Get up and get sober
Get moving, Get doing
Get control, Get chores?
Get mine, get behind
Get money, get more
Get the most like you got a gun
Peace, gotta run, to the dance floor
Hit it like, don't stop, get it get it

I'm a get in that ass, and I'm a get in it fast
So get your oxygen mask, cause we about to get you high
Get your maze, get your pick, get your wave, get your riches
So you gotta get in line if you wanna get inside
Get your girl, get your freak on, when the DJ get the beat on
Get the place sizzling, like somebody got the heat on
Get it won, get gone, after getting it on
So you know it's getting heavy when we get in the zone
It's like, getting porn in, get in the bone
Get a friend out the way just to get her alone
It was hard enough trying to get the number to her phone
Let alone, trying getting her home, I had to tell her like
I got her wrapping, get a couple of things
And we about to get it started so we get the champagne
Then I saw James Brown, he said "You better get out! "
Jump back and kiss his 'self?, I said "Damn, James! "
People in the back where you at? We bout to get

Get on with us and get funky
Come on get down and get funky
Get on with us and get funky
And, plus, one more

Wiggle up the side of the place, by name is Pase
I got the flavor let me get you elate, and go

And, plus, one more

Fat Jon, where you at?

[Verse 2: Fat Jon]
Check it
When I came into the spot, I was like "Hell yes! "
You better be ready to scream when we rockin' the set
Don't fret, we bring funk like the kid who reeks
A sweaty dog, (who they just came out of some sneaks)?
Shorty in the back, (who my name didn't speak)?
But the most important thing is that you rock to the beat
Now, if you didn't know, we bring it (visual)?
Five Deez, cool most, indivisible
We think it's critical to never feel pitiful
We kill the show, leaving other cats was just a woe
Enough about the residue, it's time to pleasure you
Pretty pussy killy kat, I really love petting you
Why you letting me, you never could be sweating me
Or threaten me, it's heavily, the force is deadly
Progressin' to all, addressin' the question
Professin', of course, you know that I could never let you go
You know girl, you so


What is on, and my name is Fat Jon
And from night to dawn, and I'm getting it on

And, plus, one more

Here we go again, don't sleep
Now David, tell me, how hot is that heat?

[Verse 3: Kyle David]
Smoking! Shorty gather, wide open
I know we four black dudes, running with some tokens
Hoping, she pays attention, to the mission
Different from the [? ], right around midnight
Hit her with the code like, two finger gesture
Please don't linger, peace, no mouth, no pressure
Pase, you wanna scheme, looking tough for me
Now baby program the rock like a crack machine
Fiendy? vixens, DJ mixes,
Chickens don't count, (although weighted by the)? riches
Some call em bitches, you call em leeches
Pussy tried to rob, let em sleep with the fishes
Gang now switches, I'm leaving with the first prize
Only need one to occupy my king-size
Slim make my thing ride, back-side junkie
Woo! Baby girl, you know I like the way you move
You keep it so


My name is Kyle with the illy ass style
Known to get live, and make the ladies smile


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