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Instruments Of The Trade (the World) Lyrics

Five Deez Instruments Of The Trade (the World)

[Verse 1]
Now, the english might be broken but
My words fixin' to tell you something
The word is love realize the strength of word power
All thats left in your last and final hour
The word is do not disturb
I am with my partner the word
We got some biz to take care of handle that
And so the word is what you are scared of
If you are a sucker emcee
That's my word, word is bond
And all those other corny hip hop phrases
You playin' games with your words
Okay some try to math paces
I match names and match faces
So remember that when you ready put it on whack
I slap it on and cut the word homeboy we rollin' like that
And as a matter of fact

I'm having fun plus the son of my father
Hair like wool skin like bronze or copper
Word fly like bird, plane or helicopter
Also known as a chopper fradulent word operatives
Word author show stopper make it sound proper
Put 'em together words flow like flowin' water
The word sit back and watch or look foolish
Drool and slobber over your word
Intoxicate your state like vodka
On the rocks with scotch
Cos our word is top notch
We're just slaves to this word call time check your watch
It's the shackle

[Verse 2]
Somebody told me I needed to I need to slow that mess I paid for (word)
I told whoever needed the crews jewels a mouth full
You'll feel terribly alone
Fear of chrome plates instates emotionlessness
Are you supposed to be a test?
Drama for crime lords
Never bored I snore
Scored oxygen levels
With fortified apperatus for pure hip hop
Watch me sniff through these whack little kids
Cos the be on us like young chickens hittin' skid
Peace to what I did with every rhyme I wrote
Got lock down status on this
Wheels thats what appeals to young squeals
No skills friendly but can't see the real
No need to debate the fake
You rhyme all your weight
For my work to take
I shake skills over heads like projections
I go through nuclear weapons
And sooner or later I'm the choice for interjection
The worst places I have slept in
I keep secrets like a best friend
Hardcore like a western
Most of all freshman
We high mights and rhyme tight
Schwins make it a ways
Lovely haze for the winds
I am your man for your gravitational spins
A downward spiral to the end
Yo peep the block
We're just slaves to this word call time check your watch

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