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Worse Than Death Lyrics

Every Second Counts Worse Than Death

It's hard to be ugly in a world so grotesque; to live and die by superficial laws of the obsessed. Ridiculed and judged for the way that you appear; taught to lock yourself away, to live your life in fear. It's hard to be sick in a world so diseased; deprived of independence and simple luxuries. Watching others live out your dying wish. Forgotten in the madness unable to persist. I know it's hard. This world doesn't understand it's true. And they can never know how you feel, but I do. It's hard to be crazy in a world this insane. It's hard not to disavow and treat it with disdain. Confined to the outside, treated with contempt. Self imprisoned, suffering a fate worse than death. It's hard to be different in a world this bizarre. When nobody appreciates you for whom you are. I know because I live it each and every day, and I'm sorry we both had to live our lives this way. My heart lies forever with the ones on the outside, 'cause when you hurt you know that I hurt to. Because I know how it feels to be misunderstood, neglected and abused. The pain you must endure, this world doesn't understand, and they'll never understand. I do

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