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Humana Lyrics

Every Second Counts Humana

Humana, where are you going now? And what have we come to? I used to think we had no destination, no direction, lost on the ocean blue. Batten the hatches. Get the children inside. Pray for the best. Brace for the worst; hang on for your life. Sailing a course to God only knows. Hopelessly lost…how long can we last, how far can we go? Humana, I did the best I could. I swear I really tried. Why do you sing yourself such sweet, caring, happy, little lies? No direction. No destination. Now I see that with just enough grave determination it just might be the bottom of the sea. We're well on our way. Humana, what have we come to? I swear if I could I would save you from sailing off the edge of creation, out of existence, and into oblivion

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