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Thick And Thin Lyrics

Every Second Counts Thick And Thin

It's the ones we love that we hurt the most when we lose control of our tongues, vent our emotions, and let our frustrations go. It's not right, and there's no excuse. It's not important enough to get angry about. It's not important enough to come between me and you. Don't forget the times we've shared. Don't forget the fun we've had. Don't forget who's always there. Don't forget who's always got your back. 'Cause no one makes it in this f..cked up world alone. Without your help I sink like a stone. 'Cause all we've shared is too much to throw away, and you don't mean those hurtful things you say. So don't forget everything we meant, the places we've been, the times we've spent. Even if you push me away I won't let you go. It's not about you or me…it's about you and me together, staying friends as we grow old. I understand where you're coming from, and I respect the way you feel. I hope you would do the same for me. We all say things we don't mean, just learn to let them fly. No, I'm not your enemy. I want to know you for the rest of my life. You're the one I can't afford to lose. And I know, no matter what happens, we'll work this through. So don't forget the times we shared, the fun we've had, the places we've been. I'm always here, no matter what happens, through thick and thin

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