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New Frontier Lyrics

Every Second Counts New Frontier

I've thought for hours, days, weeks, and even years about you and me and the truth behind the madness of this all. And I guess the truth is that I still don't know just why I'm here, but at least I've learned a few things about life that keep me strong. There are just a few things that I really need in life; a few things to keep me safe and warm. Sorry if they don't measure up to what you saw in me, but that's not important to me anymore. It's a question of where our paths collide; perhaps where they divide and where we want to go in life. You've got your fight and I've got mine, I guess that's fine. But for what it's worth at least I f..cking tried. The way it was when we were young; they taught us of our world and we thought we understood. The future seemed so imminent, we seemed to have our roles, and we thought that things would stay that way for good. But times have changed and so have I, and so have you. And when you think you've finally stopped you've just begun. And time will be the judge of who was right and who was wrong. Just remember it's not over until it's done. And yeah I care, that's why I'm here. And you…you're somewhere over there. That's why I'm here pushing, fighting, screaming for a new frontier

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