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Mysterious Fate Lyrics

Ceremonial Embrace Mysterious Fate

In this sickness which prevails inside of me
Those growing and painful flames
Are tearing my emotions down

When I noticed that I'm losing my life
I beg for mercy but it yet curse me

All of sudden I wake and it wasn't dream
At that time I know I was losing my reality
How even I could imagine that
I could be a wounded by this evilness

Fool... I curse myself
I deliver my own death
Sad... I beg for mercy
Now just suffering of this mysterious fate

My life is sinking into distant oblivion
Somewhere into the silence
Only this journey towards the darkness has began

Strange feeling in my soul I travel to the everlasting damnation
I hear enticing voices calling my name
Voices which knows my deepest thougths

Now I understand my own faults
When I'm alone in this nothingness
There isn't peace for me
Only cursed past which follows me

I just wander with my mournful fate
Me and my melancholy story
We are cursed forever

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