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Where Emptiness Prevails Lyrics

Ceremonial Embrace Where Emptiness Prevails

Their eyes are bright like a flame of the candle
But still so dismal like a gloomy night

I once saw those eyes
They blinded me
And I walk my long path for unknown
Emptiness prevails inside of me
My soul was gone and my heart shedded my bloody tears

I feel how their wrath got stronger and stronger in me
They had so mighty forces when the migrate of the distant begun

They taste the blood of life and burnt the cursed humans
Whose are cheating others and they left them die

Only cold dominated on the mountains
Here where the wintry moon mirrors into the snow

When fullmoon is proving in the sky for their eternal life
They come and walk on the mountains to call the night arrive

They are crowd of wolves
Menials of eternal darkness
Faithfullness is their life
And they will kill if life demand that

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