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Nocturnal Wanderer Lyrics

Ceremonial Embrace Nocturnal Wanderer

I thirst your sweet blood
I am arriving into your dream
I will take that what belongs to me
You sink in a deep enchantment

In the silence of the night...
...when the moon will arise

I give to you part of me
One piece of my black soul
Now you can feel how your life disappears
But you will rise again in this world
In the right side in the darkness

The wolves howling...
...I'm awake

I am the lord of blood
Eternal night murderer
I accompany you into the world
Of mysticism and immortality

The coldness of winter or the flames of fire
Doesn't hurt our life
This life could be the mirror of the future
Reflecting the fear of our mortality

We are the servants of the night
And we respect the laws of darkness
The dismal forests shall be our world
And the moon shall guard our damned souls

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