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Power Of A God Lyrics

Album Name : Science of Annihilation
Release Date : 2008-01-01
Song Duration : 5:07

Cage Power Of A God

Out of the emptiness
A flash engulfed the blackness of the night
On the seventh day
He waved his hand
And said let there be light
Out of the Vastness if the universe
He made he lives alone
His infinite omnipotence
Scans everything from high atop hos throne
behold power of life
Power to kill bend to the will power of a God
Tremble in fear all who believe
Fall to your knees power of a God!
Flashing thunderbolts
And lightning liquefied the cosmic sky
Within a storm one lone blue planet
Formed itself within the eye
This was the one place God did designate
We congregate and breed
Such understanding
Is commanding you to purify belief


[Lead Mcginnis]
[Lead Garcia]

Slicing through eons
He carves up the heavens
With his celestial swarm
Blasting creation without hesitation
Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord
Galactic equation
Of pain and salvation
As dreams of oblivion soar
Not very sensible endless inaudible roar
Countless ages passed
At last he then sat up and judged it all
The foolish ways of man had sickened him
In fact he was appalled
So with a gesture this whole mess here
With no second thought erased
The wise beyonder then did to ponder
Just how we would be replaced


Rise to your feet
Join us and fell a power that is real

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