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Dr. Strong Lyrics

Album Name : Depart From Me
Release Date : 2009-07-07
Song Duration : 3:19

Cage Dr. Strong

My name is Chris Palko and I'm a former patient of Stony Lodge Hospital.

[Verse 1]

You dropped me off and left me here then started your vacation
Away from me with your new family, I got no invitation
If you don't think he's abusive it's because he's in your ear
If I don't see things your way then I'm not thinking clear?
I was just in your house going to school looking for validation
Pissed you off now I'm in the hospital eating medication
And if I tell em I don't want to take em that I'm still myself
But the drugs they're making me take are making me want to kill myself
And if I try and refuse meds then they force it in me
Everything they write in my chart is a plot to bring me


Down, why you gotta tie me down?
And kick me while I'm on the ground
There's nothing you can take from me now
Cause all I have has been thrown out
So why you gotta tie me down?
Was only trying to figure it out
I'd like to get up but I'm tied down

[Verse 2]

When you wake up drugged it's tough to get your thoughts sorted
And you realise you're tied down about to be drawn and quartered
But there's no horses about to rip you limb from limb
But the tranquilizer in your blood is what they give to them
And after thirteen hours of being tied to a bed
You're to shuffle the hallways, f..ck off, and die in your head
I thought when I made it out I'd be carried and celebrated
Thought of who I was when I went in, got out, he didn't make it out
Who would think every stupid thought that you contemplated
Would convolute what was constituted as complicated.
Permanently faded, necessary that they calm you
Arrive and drag yourself around for days relay the zombie life
I saw a light desperately trying to move near it
But I'm plagued with thoughts, as soon as I leave I hope they tear it


When I get there, let me in.

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