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Doctor Doom Lyrics

Album Name : Supremacy of Steel
Release Date : 2011-11-25
Song Duration : 5:59

Cage Doctor Doom

Under the heels of the Baron My family was hunted like dogs My mother was slain by a demon My father was also to fall I spent my life with the gypsies Evading the Baron by stealth My keen intellect I worked to perfect While I swindled the rich of their wealth

I went to America, studied the sciences And deeply embraced the occult My darkest desire was to break through the fire And reach a specific result My mother was taken her soul sold to Satan My life for that she could be seen This device would be just what I need

CHORUS: Doctor Doom is the name That strikes fear in all men Doom will obliterate, Doom will defend Doom is your destiny, darker than black Doom is my name and I'm born to attack Von Doom is the conqueror behind the mask Kneel before Doom, don't make me ask Doom is an intellect, second to none The king of the world, there can only be one Doctor Doom DOOM!

Reed Richards rigged my machine It exploded and ruined my face I quickly took flight in the dark of the night Awash with shame and disgrace I went to Tibet and discovered a cult And learned the might of their ways I assembled my armor and menacing mask That mirrored my bloodlust and craze

No one has ever laid eyes Upon this hideous face There is no one more I despise Than the one who made me this way I rule with an iron fist And I'll crush all those who oppose Armored in Metal and chosen at birth The Lord of Latvertia and soon all the Earth!


Come bring it on, I'll take them all Defender or Avenger or The Hated Four!


My castle soars, my minions roar I'll make the world my kingdom I will reign forevermore




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