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Illest 4 Letter Word Lyrics

Cage Illest 4 Letter Word

Test Test..

You wanna kill me nigga?

All the way live, we bring to you to host the annual drowning, 
in Lake Michigan..

I heard some blonde bitch walking through New York looking for Cage
I'll stab you in the face, ten times in the same place
Lace your little infant 'til you thinking different
When in the same building on the street lift you off your feet
Won't chill then, microsibling to my cock
Dribbling, Scribbling verses
For the worthless, f..ck a million purses
Keep the doctor to remove the slug
I bug when I stand so simple
Took you in the club
Something for ya entourage
Something for your body guards
History shows rappers dying in cars
They lost one in the West; we lost one in the East
Should I drown you in Lake Mich. or buck you in Miami Beach? 

Chorus: Cage

The illest four-letter word in the world is Cage!
Ya better off f..cking some cunt raw and gettin AIDS

Bitch the illest four letter word in the world is Cage!
Bitch the illest four letter word in the world is Cage!
Ya better off f..cking some cunt raw and gettin AIDS

The Illest four letter word in the world is Cage!

The illest four letter word in the world, supporter
Rhyme slaughter, the listener to death save the gun for the
Blonde Ambition, fell off the Christian wagon
Your systems saggin biting my shit and I'm laughing
I can freak simple shit and sell records but I don't
I write the illest shit that cause fans to enter bitin' zones
Keep your guards by your guard you showing cards on the low
See a man gotta deal, now y'all look just like ??
All you schizophrenics need help with reality
Kill your two little personalities
Shark getting snuck a salary
Observe gravity pullin ya in to earth gradually
You'll see you need a style I create to try and battle me


Big electro shock that you can't understand
I wreck intellects slanted brains like Japan
My An-ger's a result of sick lust
Won't you come and injure us with their brains stringed up
I've never contemplated while hallucinating 
my existence aiding those with imaginations 
and mental disorders pulsating
I'm training
My lost love leaves princess to interest and this other slut
To puff bundles of dust
From bongs while she rocks a thong we get drawn
I keep scratching her clit with salad tongs F..cked her up against the intercom
So my nigga's down stairs can hear
We're buggin like an insect laying larva in ya ear


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