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I Am Legend Lyrics

Black Bobby I Am Legend

I am counting my blessings
And there ain't no second guessing
And there won't be no regressing
I am king. I am legend

I am speaking from the penthouse, the top floor
Smoking on some ill shit up out the sock drawer
I don't talk more. I'm a philosopher
And, a wise man. Spit it like ya' poppa, bruh
You can tell I ain't no felon
And, I'm in the Antebellum
Where they drove out the Indian, pretending to be friend to him
I ain't no Seminole, but kinda feel kin to them
They give us liquor and the drug game
So then they rap and pretend to be a thug, man
Ain't no lie, ain't no thug in him
I'm independent and I'm aiming at Republicans
Dro be the only drug in him
Open up my third eye. Plotting on my third life
And, I am loving all this nerd life
Go hard, we smarter on a roll like a charter

I am counting my blessings
And there ain't no second guessing
And there won't be no regressing
I am king. I am legend

They say the empire falling, looking at the yellow man
They coming up with plans looser than gelatin
While the normal man struggle
Ya'll on the hustle. They busting the housing bubble
The banks playing lottery. All of them got to go
I'm Danny Ocean and I'm robbing the Bellagio
I'll end the fed now
They all dead now. I'm thinking bout Ted now
Kennedy. And, this is my Ted Talk
I make the Feds talk. Thinking bout that dead chalk
Ain't no use to me lying
I don't talk [omitted], ain't no use to me trying
I'm used to the fire. I was cast how I'm made to be
More black men imprisoned than in slavery
And, then they say to me: be what u want, jo
American dreams- these bammas trying to front, jo


My ideals. They so idealistic
A new fly feel that's so altruistic
They so simplistic rapping to the lower class
Do the knowledge? They don't even know the f..cking math
While the bombs is all coming
These dudes got the nerve to write songs about nothing
I'm a end your discussion, bring depth to the public
Yeah, death was the subject now we need another subset
It ain't class war. How about some unity?
Bump an empire, think about community
A shiny city on a tall hill
And let them all come and see that this is all real
I'm de Tocqueville in a Lexus
Give me five minutes, end the battle of the sexes
And, the flow is heaven sent
Name is Black Bob, I'm the f..cking President

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