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Lil Ole Man Lyrics

Black Bobby Lil Ole Man


Lil ole man. He don't play sports
Got his own thing he ain't tripping off yours
He a lil ole man
Trying to come up any way that he can


Lil ole man sitting on the porch
No way out the hood, don't play sports
Avoid the crack game but he trying to shine
Got a big brain never tried to write a rhyme
Bullied at school being in a smart class
He don't never show his face round the kids at parks and
Momma work twice. Daddy long gone
Like a rolling stone, he ain't never heard the song
He ain't got college money sitting on a long
Shot from above or a dream or a dove
Got a big dream. He seen around the nation
Got a scholarship from the Posse Foundation
Now he off to school somewhere in the North
Living his dreams he ain't trippin on yours
American dreams lived out in my written
You can do the scoring, I'm assisting like Pippen


Nine years old living on the grind
He ain't got a daddy but this youngan got a nine
Know I talk mess bout them youngans flipping crack
But what you gone do with your stomach touching ur back
Back against the wall. Never trying to fall
Feinds in the pitch black, hoping for a call
Hoping for a light before the dark, mister
'Cus at sunlight, he got to feed his sister
He don't really bang, roll with a crew now
Can't face the mirror, don't like what he do now
Piff kinda help. Never get him off though
All that back to school talk sounding kinda soft, yo
Grown man choices, little ole man
He don't see the way. I start to think that I can
Two parent homes, at least some opportunity
If you don't see no unity where is your community?


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