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The Prelude Lyrics

Black Bobby The Prelude

Welcome to Phat Kid Tendencies 2. This story picks up with me leaving Boston and a future in politics to rap. You know that was a tough decision but i'm glad I did it. so this EP is about miami mostly. yeah. So here we go:

[Verse 1]
Broke bread with friends over united leaders

Back then ppl came from all over just to see us

Run and tell ya man we got the message of the future

Even tho it was from the past when they just shoot you

Now they all running our lane playing the game

Giving people game without saying our name

Now how that work like I invented Kanye

And I just look and smile at them in a fond way

Like we raised some sons but I really raised some funds

How is it we got robbed and they ain't even raise they guns

Whole time we were just trying to bing it back tho
But, ya'll made it really kind of wack tho wack tho

So I just get to work so ppl with come and check it

And dig for records cause this ain't what you expected

Here I am on the record sent here to correct it

We the pioneers so respect it now check it

So I put music on hold to work for obama. Cuz you know duh. But, after that I was trying to find something to do and my brother encouraged me to write Phat Kid Tendencies, for which I will forever be grateful so this verse right here is just a little peek into that process

[Verse 2]
I had built a platform where I could probably be the man

But I heard a calling it was coming from my fam

The boy had beats and I just wanted to help some

But when I started rapping the other stuff just felt wrong

Always knew that I could spit but never knew I was legit

My brother encouraged me saying yo that's a hit
So I owe him very much for the courage to succeed

Even tho we parted ways same blood we bleed

Phat Kid Tendencies was your suggestion young

Phat Kid Tendencies was such a blessing young

Back in them sessions young I flipped a message young

But I did it on my own so that one was special young

This was before square biz music my therapist

Me and d-up doing shows all over areas

Just trying to break through music will take you

Further to the future than those that forsake you

So while d-up and I were doing shows we met meek, Tojo, Raul, jesse and Chey. I knew Teagus from my building. And from there Square Biz was born. ppl like lolo and ameachi showed love. I appreciate all the help I got from them and all the love miami dc and New York showed me. And now after four albums and a five year break I'm back with phat Kid Tendencies 2. yeah. I hope you enjoy

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