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Twist The Cap Lyrics

Album Name : Just for the Fun of It
Release Date : 2008-11-03
Song Duration : 3:03

All Boro Kings Twist The Cap
Boom! Shaka laka laka
Right off flying off the handle
Like a muthafucka
We got the bombs, moms
And a cooler we found around back
Over at Sean's
Step back while I sling my thing
Done nothin' till you drank with the king
The All Boro Kings

You gotta twist the cap
How many more before I fall

I'm that new bein' beer drinkin
Twist the cap Boom! got me thinkin'
About drinkin' another, another
'Till I'm pissed drunk, face down in the gutter
It's about time to put some down
First one down get's the drinking crown

Only hear you talkin'
Wanna see you drinkin'
Only hear you talkin'
Wanna see you sinking!

We don't care what you think
We're gonna drink and rip out the sink!

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