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The Party's On... Lyrics

Album Name : Just for the Fun of It
Release Date : 2008-11-03
Song Duration : 3:57

All Boro Kings The Party's On...

Who likes to party, likes to party?
Who lights the party, lights the party?
Who likes to party with bacardi?
Black haus shots 'till we're all retarted
Who likes the foster's oil cans?
Who likes to drink and drive with no hands?
There's only one thing more my friends
Oh yeah, that's one night stands

It's a party, party
and it's on 'till the break of dawn
Let's party, party
One song and the party's on

On with the party, now that we're started
All the weight of the world has departed
Feelin' good, getting down with the sound
Jumpin' around untill I fell face down
Who's got the chronic? Pass the bong quick!
I got a girl, she's on my dick!
She didn't mind at the time, she was high
so I took what I could get!

It ain't over 'till the party's over
It ain't over 'till the last one's gone

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