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Blowin' Smoke Lyrics

Album Name : Just for the Fun of It
Release Date : 2008-11-03
Song Duration : 3:16

All Boro Kings Blowin' Smoke

The expressway is the best way
I always take the fast way
Crack the window, save the ashtray
Somehow I'm always in a rush
Push down the clutch, hit the gas
And puff the finest green stuff
Automatic or standard I'm rollin one handed
Blowin' smoke when I drive
Tryin' to stay alive
Pushin 105, red eyed
on interstae 95, oh my

And when I roll
That's how I ride
I'm on the go
Every day how I survive
I breathe in, slow
Yeah, yeah
And when I roll
Yeah baby, that's how I ride
I'm on the go
Every day how I survive
I need it
Whoa, I'm blowin' smoke

I'm peeling' out the rest stop
Tryin, to shake the state cops
Causin' interference, they got me in the mirror peerin'
cross lane veerin', equipped with power steering
Like Mr. Scarface, I often drift when I drive
Oh I'm runnin', like runnin' with the devil I'm comin'
Foot down on the pedal like a cop I'm gunnin'
You can take your summons, I'll take my weed
So ho do I plea? How 'bout not guilty!

Right out the window, it's cali weed or indo
It makes no difference to me
I put the car in reverse, I back up, I'm out on the driveway
I'm lighting it, I'm smokin right before I hit the highway
Eyes gleaming, feels like I'm dreaming
I blow pass 55, the engine's screaming
Looking for the law while they're looking for us
I push the pedal to the medal while I'm taking a puff
I got the sunroof down and my system thumps
Got a pocket full of chronic, two oz's in the trunk
If police pull me over, it's intent to sell
Can't think about that now, cause I'm high as hell
My head is woozy and light, I grip the steering wheel tight
Hydroplaining through the rain
Skidding through the red lights
We keep it movin' and groovin' for sure yeah
Green trees are 100% pure yeah
When I'm driving in the fast lane
My high beams flashin' yeah
Move it to the right, bitch, I'm passin'

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