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Just For The Fun Of It Lyrics

Album Name : Just for the Fun of It
Release Date : 2008-11-03
Song Duration : 3:16

All Boro Kings Just For The Fun Of It

Done time in this downtime pipeline
The mainline but at the same time
it's no wonder this worlds high on crack
Well f..ck that, cause I'm not going out like that
Well here it comes
Just for the fun

Your mental roadblock, mindblock is goin' tick tock
Shit shocked, cold locked, you
Wanna get some?
I wonder what you're
looking at?
Well now it's clearer to me
that you don't get what I'm gettin' at
Well here it comes
just for the fun

Just for the fun of it

Well this is fun, fun watch out kid
or you don't get none
How about we see about the day of
the black sun?
Now look at me you look like crap
Well I looked better than that when I was wacked

Just for the fun

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