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The Malignant Pulse Lyrics

Album Name : The Malignant Pulse - EP
Release Date : 2012-07-31
Song Duration : 5:00

Alighieri The Malignant Pulse

"He's been very patient
And would love to attack her,
But there ain't a chance that he would,
Allow her to suffer
Not a single moment's discomfort!
By the might of a bludgeon
Or the sweep of a blade, for another single weapon
Can be used to a great effect,
Something much more personal
(An item with a pulse).
"Oh baby please
Don't fall victim to hope,
For he is a coward…
...But I am no coward...
And I can not be
Be forced to suppress, each thought that can only be so
So dark, so grim and also beautiful!”
Not within himself, he can only find comfort in the form
of another
To find fulfillment
He preaches this:
“Pure suffering is real”
There is not a chance anything will defer the event at
A lifelong, suffering wait has bred this
The heavens above cannot foresee what it is that he
Intends to do, it’s his night and He...is king...
Of. This. Hell.

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