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Nights Lyrics

Album Name : Moths - EP
Release Date : 2011-09-15
Song Duration : 3:21

Alighieri Nights

Night! that wretched event//where heaven earth and hell
will//harmonize//on this current setting I find myself
lying in my vast//my vast sanctuary of self
reflection//(my anger is a house)//I will bed with
destruction//and in that romanticism//will be born//a
rather interesting proposition//and when I sing my son to
sleep//I'll plant my nightmares into his head//my
horrible visions complete//I cannot wait for those
nights!//I now bed with destruction//and in this
romanticism//is now born a rather interesting
specimen//Night! This wretched event//where heaven earth
and hell collide//my wonderful plan to//plant the
seeds//of my resentment //takes shape//I only live to
savour the pain of existence//so I can wade in its
shallow pool//my wonderful plan!//I am a deceiver//you
were a fool//I do represent//all that I hate in this
life//I am a deceiver//not just a fool//this (child) will
represent//all that I hate in this life//your sole
purpose was to be a shell//for when my dark present to
the world is conceived I will often//look back and
smile//oh it was I!// with mal intentions at night!

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