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Transparent And White (the Apparition) Lyrics

Alighieri Transparent And White (the Apparition)

Iím asleep assuming the role of victim//I feel
something//Iím awake assuming the role of a
stranger//something cold surrounds (me)//all through the
dark//I open my eyes to a//contorted pale frame//her eyes
staring out to//nowhere at all//she moves so gracefully
in spite of me//dancing unlawfully transparent and
white//belligerent I respond to a distorted sense of
volume//with ears hearing nothing//I start to fear my own
fate//before I even begin//belligerent I remove the
covers//to reveal a//much darker incarnation of fear//and
I fear my own fate//will mirror that of this wretch!//I
pretend there was life//at the//bedside I will believe//I
believe in this life//I can see I am graced by//graced by
the in-disposable presence of death at my place of
rest//the apparition, transparent and white.

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