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Emily Lyrics

A Bloody Canvas Emily

Your beautiful to me, EmilyI know you would never feel
the same things but im not here to pour my heart out or
whisper words to you
I just want to say your beautiful
Your amazing in so many ways
like a star shining bright in the sky i wish i could fly
to reach out and touch you
promise me you will never change
promise me you will never change
like a sun in the evening you set over everything and
leave me to wonder why the world must be this way forever

im not spilling out my guts for you to see
im only saying your everything that no one else could be
your beautiful, brilliant, and so much more
so much more
you shine brighter than the brightest star, just promise
me, promise me
to stay what you are
just stay what you are
your beautiful, brilliant and so much more
emily, oh emily, your beautiful to me
and i wrote this song for you

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