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Of The Spotless Mind Lyrics

A Bloody Canvas Of The Spotless Mind

(dont wake up, let the sounds soothe you)faceless
photographs and no recollection
a year lost in time, there is no explanation
two strangers on a subway, smiling, we never kenw
the sunset over the Atlantic reminds me of a day I spent
in the arms of a sillhouette
theres something wrong here
you look so familiar, you look so familiar
but looks can be so decieveing, here i am
i'm leaving again
we can try to pretend like we dont remember, but we dont
remember, strangers once again

we smiled so politely and shook our hands goodbye,
you look so familiar, you look so familiar... could you do this (erase everything)
how could you do this (just walk away)
how could you do this (i dont even know you)
how could you do this (you could have explained it)
how could you do this (you erased everything)...
...i thought i could love you, hold you and thank you for
being the one...
...what happened? i woke up in the same bed, same clothes
but something is missing, my love, my life, my memory,
what happened last night? who was i with? what happened?
you looked so familiar, you looked so familiar
i woke up this morning and part of me was missing but i
dont know what...

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