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A Not So Perfect Prom Night Lyrics

A Bloody Canvas A Not So Perfect Prom Night

take the sunset and paint it with a darker shade of red
or maybe something elegant to match the color of your
so douse yourself in cheap perfume and lets sit alone in
your room with the lights turned down low
i know, i know,
things arent as perfect as they seem
what seems like artwork when its over was just a drunken

a desperate attempt at something beautiful,
well i had this down to a science baby but i failed at
chemistry so lie to me, lie to me, and tell me this was
...you can joke about it aferwards
the one night you spent without words
you can joke about it with your friends
about the boy who only had his heart to spend
well i gave it to you for collaterall
but then you broke it on the wall...

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