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Another Sleepless Night Lyrics

A Bloody Canvas Another Sleepless Night

somebody take a pictureI just want to stay this way
live inside a picture frame and watch the world change
around me
I want to stay innocent and free
thats my philosophy
the world doesn't work that way you would always say
it takes you by the wrist and throws you in the mix of
what you never wanted to be
I never wanted to be

so now, im begging for this photo to be taken
begging to skip these choices that I'm making
can't you just let me be, can't you just let me breathe
but maybe this poetry can save me, this pen will be a
dagger in the back of my captives
as i run far, further away from my future
and hopefully closer to you
now as the reality begins to set it
the tears start to stream and as for my dreams, they mean
nothing anymore
i am nothing anymore
just another boy who should leave dreams for his sleep...

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