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A Bloody Canvas Lyrics

Album Name : Just Married 
Release Date : 1994-01-01
Song Duration : 3:41

A Bloody Canvas A Bloody Canvas

this portrait of our past fades ever slowlypainted
tainted by our own hands
a masterpeice now forgotten
our work of art
can you paint this shattered heart?
shades of red and gray line my heartstrings
but theyve snapped and i'll use them as a noose
an artists dream of beauty now realized
wrists bleed red to dry inblack
ike my paints have dried with time

my bloody canvas explains my life
read the tradgedy through the paint like a suicide note
mistaken as a masterpeice
thats not what i meant
my tears stain blue
my blood dries black
and yet you say wonderful
handmade by a broken heart
our work of art
call it modern, call it new
just say its the best youve ever seen
mistake my pain for a masterpieice
but just know the highest bidder will adore my blood at
i wont be around to see it

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