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The Legend (Chapter 6) Lyrics

2nu The Legend (Chapter 6)

I look toward the moon and wonder,
"What doth she have in that heart of cheese?"
If it were glee and joy and love for me, I'd see it.
Surely I would when she asked, "please. Oh pretty please."
And what would my answer be, if then she requested something free.
A kiss, a nudge, a little bump,
A lovely pat upon the rump.
I think, that I think not.
That's what I think.

I heard a mysterious tapping,
Just outside the Big Adventure.
So, i tapped back
mmmmm rhythm...

It was a cool rhythm

So, I opened the hatch...
That's when I saw him.....
I thought he was only a legend, but now, there he was...

"Don't be frightened! You have nothing to fear,
For the coolest place you seek, is nearer than near."

So, I thought to myself...
"I should offer him a cool refreshment.
To sip on while he's chillin' .
Something satisfying, yes.
But never fillin'."

He took a taste and said...
"You've traveled far, my friend, and you've done your best.
Soon, you'll know the secret that ends your quest of all quests."

Then, I felt a cold, cold breeze...

I must be very close.

Then i heard a voice...
"Someday, you're gonna be real famous."
"Someday, you're gonna be real famous."

What shall I do?

What doth she have in that heart of cheese?
Oh pretty please?

I must be very close...

Stop, come back!

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