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Do you remember those days?
we were always together
Everyday after school you were there for me
You were my second parents and the TC was my second home
I love you all so much
You looked after me and I thought of you as a brother, Zach
You protected me from the evils around me and I consider you a sister, Kelly
We are all one bug happy family
Chorus: The Teen Center is where we'd meet everyday I worked there voluntarily without pay
Just so I could spend time with you
We all stayed together and made it through
I finally grew up and had to leave
I cried so much I could hardly breathe
You calmed me down and then I felt relieved knowing that you'd always be there for me
Just so you know,
you're a big part of my life and you will never be forgotten
Please stay close and I will be happy
I need my family here with me now
Don't ever leave me, I won't let it happen
I love you so much just so you know
But now it is my turn to go

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