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Ode To GC Lyrics

13th Hour Ode To GC

Walking down the street, home is my destination
listening and singing the "Motivation Proclamation"
Listening to the lyrics, I am blown away
I remember everything that had happened that day
It was the day after my birthday and the cd had come out that day
I saved up my money and rushed out
I bought the album and took it home
I put it in my cd player and just fell in love
The lyrics were hypnotic and the voices so beautiful
I fell head over heels for the music
Throughout the album I had laughed and I cried,
I also giggled and sighed
To know that you all went through so much, it really did touch me.
Chorus: Good Charlotte, this is for you
Listeing to you, I always made it through
You made me feel so good about myself, so this is for you I met you at the Warped Tour and I sat outside your bus. You came out, signed autographs and took pictures.
You were even kind ebough to talk to us
Some sweet things were said, oh how I thank you
They mean so much, I will alwyas love you
Just as long as you are always around, I'll be a fan representin' from my little unknown town
Just remember to stay together
and we'll meet you on the stage
lights shining brightly and the music blasting
We'll see you when we get there.

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