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13th Hour Brian

Why is it that every time you fall in love your heart gets broken?
No matter what you do it always happens
Just look at me and use me as an example
I fell in love with a boy,
he could care less, he was an ass
I was just weak,
or ignorant some may say,
but I knew what went on at the creek that day
We were a couple and everyone knew
but you took her down to have some fun,
forgetting about me
Chorus: I found out but didn't do a thing
I loved you too much to confront you
I knew if I did I might lose you
I could not stand being alone
So we went on as if nothing had happened
Then two months later it happened again
You took her down to the rocks,
this time a different girl
Bored and lonely I then took a walk
and came to that spot,
That's when I found you with her on top of you
And quickly I left and acted as if I never knew
Then one day I was with your friend
He told me all but I would still pretend to,
not know was how I wanted it to be.
His friend got fed up and he threatened me
not only me but the relationship,
I hate him now that little bitch!
He told my guy that we messed around
and wouldn't listen at all
He just walked off,
head up looking tall
I went to the room to sit and think,
but instead I burst into tears
I loved you but you didn't care
Two years it has been
I have seen you with my friend
I only pray that she
has the strength that I lacked

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