Vincent Valentine Lyrics
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Vincent Valentine Lyrics

»  A Sad Crying Clown In An Iron Lung
»  A Sweater Of Eyelashes A Sweater Of Tears
»  Assault On Pappa's Honky Tonk
»  Bowlers Rock!
»  Darwin Was Right You Guys Are Assholes
»  Dead Men Tell No Tales Ch. 7
»  Die Now Live Forever
»  Don't Bother Me Woman I've Been Drinking With Skeletons!
»  Duck House
»  Fuck A'cappellas This Isn't The 19th Century
»  Hang Ten! (off Thee Plank)
»  I Love You But I've Chosen Shark Week
»  Like A Makeout Scene From Dragonball Z
»  Maybe You're A Ghost
»  Oh Barf!!!
»  The Black Spot!
»  The Bronzing Process
»  The Chase
»  Trans-species Operation
»  You're The Mechanic Around Here Mostly I Just Hurt People


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