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Duck House Lyrics

Vincent Valentine Duck House

I wish to perambulate the wood once more, to bask in it's glory...
To escape this dismal chamber and return to a place that haunts me.
This is my desire- Cut down by a thoughtless mistake.
One wrong move and the wood burned to the ground.

There is a rift within me,
a yawning chasm where my heart used to be.
A useless part of a worthless system-
Still alive after it was ripped out of me.

It's ashes: the only remnants of hope, lost to the wings of the
summer. I wish everyday for my despair to subside.
Let's not keep making a ghost of what we have inside.

...Emptier than I thought that I could be, I again a walking tragedy.

Even if the walls disintegrated, what would be left to comfort me?

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