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»  36-24-36
»  A Guy Named Ray (took My Baby Away)
»  A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Punk Rock Go Down
»  Adolf Quitler
»  Astro Zombies
»  Bad Kitty
»  Bang Bang
»  Between Planets
»  Buttermilk Sundae 1-2-3-4
»  Cirque Du So Gay
»  Electric Kitty
»  Enola Straight
»  Fletcher Puke Has A Bass Coach
»  Fuck This Country Shit I Need Some Techno
»  Haiku's For Jews
»  Harp
»  I'm No Hero I Just Like Punching People In The Face
»  In The Time Of Chimpanzees I Was A Chimpanzee
»  Krueger
»  Long Story Short: She Slept With Like 30 Guys
»  Mexican't
»  Nacho De Gaio
»  No Moleste El Gato Spectacular
»  No Mr. Gorgonchuck I Will Not Stop Rockin' In Your Classroom
»  Odie 1 Canoli
»  Paint Don't Fix Stab
»  Paris Hilton Vs. A Bear
»  Peter Paul And Crowley
»  Pobodies Nerfect
»  Prepare Yourself For A Pride Obliderating Bitch Slap
»  Sunshine Happy Rainbow
»  Thank God The Emergency Pancho Survived
»  That Is Old Kentucky Shark And He Has Been There
»  There Is No I In Team But Several In Multi-million Dollar Record Contract
»  Titts Get Hottt!!!