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Whats The Lick Lyrics

Album Name : Riddim Killah (The Dark 1/2)
Release Date : 2007-06-15
Song Duration : 2:45

Zulu Whats The Lick

Natty don't discriminate now what de youth deh upon
Rasta man live today fi get de grindin on

Holla bout work a straight job, no hustling, no cheating at all,
You dead wrong

A no truth me a fabricate, me rather bring the proof
Dollar you a meditate, you better mek de move
Fi all de people dem no go fi no prize, me can't open your eyes
With one song.

What's the lick?
Full time hustling, anything it takes fi go make de money quick
You know a good Karma, even informer tell the police We're all legit
Can't take no suffering, can't make no government left you inna poverty
Don't care a damn, Zulu man na go make no apologies

You want burned out telephones?
Me know a gal who turn it on before you reach home
She tell me seh you want gorilla unit ringtones

Well anything you wan do, mek we show it and prove,
You can't lose with the HD televisions
Don't really know me think it means High Definition
A so you say you wan dem all brand new condition
Well now you dealing with me you in a good position


Air Force One tennis shoes, all of your bling bling lights
and chrome 22's
Zulu man ten steps well ahead of you, Gimme de number fi call
if you wan dem at all, now me seh
Glock 17 porcelain, you wan de M-16 we have whole heap a dem
You get de discount rate, crate of Mac 10's
Mek we deal wit de case, name de time and de place



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