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Roll With Us Lyrics

Album Name : Riddim Killah (The Dark 1/2)
Release Date : 2007-06-15
Song Duration : 3:04

Zulu Roll With Us

MuthaF**as inna street - Roll With Us
All The Bi**es inna jeep - Ride With Us
If you looking fi de heat - Fk with us

Digitals Crew well dangerous
Cock back pull de trigger and bust with us

Life don't matter, situation hotter when de time get ahead of you,
Bet you never know the code word used fi the digital screw
was the nerd inna de burbs

The words never mean one thing
Want see how the bad man negative?
What you got to give? Should I let you live?

Lord a mercy me no talk certain things upon de version
Simple immigrant just a work and a hold down corner
People never think me murder informer

And so we wan live a life under anonymity
Babylon not no friend a me
Look upon de man you pretend to be


No one badder than de baldhead singer with de dreadlocks attitude
Zulu counterfiet de passport, jump inna your industry
with pure diabolical propaganda, but it wasn't nothing last year

You never hear about the lyrical strychnine
Maybe next time microphone Tech 9
Murder all sound inna range, shoulda never test
Never mix up inna boss man business


Call fi your friend dem. make dem bring de police come save you
9-11 rush to de rescue, Mac 11 cut through the vest too

Call fi de preacher man bless you, guess who cool out with de
gal dem poolside

Lawyers improvise airtight alibi
When homicide come with dem big bag of accusation, pure speculation

The bad man Zulu send flowers to you momma and check make sure
seh you wifey back home well secure

Believe me if I tell you this much there's more, yes boss
What you think, Zulu man him a go take dirty double cross?

Nuff man when them a buck up a incident
Pull weapon just fi settle de argument
Up and down de lane me no chase dem, me came and replace dem cool
and make it look like an accident


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