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Haunted Lyrics

Album Name : Tears and Ashes
Release Date : 2011-12-14
Song Duration : 5:24

Worth Dying For Haunted

I've been so foolish and naive
To think that I'd be saved
Drinking the wine you've soiled
With your lies and false pretenses

Innocence broken
For one moment in time
Frozen in my mind
The grand blessing of the Divine
You crept so viciously
My heart was open
Your intentions were always to take what was mine

Spiraling down into oblivion
My work here isn't done
You don't deserve the grace of your God

My death's a fleeting memory
But you know I'm coming back for you

I'd give everything
So my sins could be erased
But it's not His will

Would you be afraid
If I came back to haunt you
From the depths of the grave

The secrets in here
The visions so clear
They all kept me so near

I thought I've seen your face
Down the halls, watching me pray
But yours is the one judgement that I can't escape

Spiraling out of oblivion
My work here isn't done
I am bestowed with the grace of God

By this burning vision
His words are like poison
Evil's planting its seed
In him demons will breed

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