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Unafraid Lyrics

Album Name : Worth Dying For
Release Date : 2008-04-15
Song Duration : 6:44

Worth Dying For Unafraid
Lord let me see Your face again
To feel Your embrace that pulls me in
I want to let go of all my fears
Leaving my sin and past behind me
To move closer to Your holy calling
Devoted to You this vow I keep

I ll speak of all You ve done for me
Proclaim Your name above all names

I m unafraid to lift my hands and sing
I m unafraid to shout aloud Your name
Take me Lord I want You more than anything I pray
I won t hold back I won t turn back and boldly I will say
I am unafraid

Lord I believe You bled and died
An atonement of sin for all mankind
Unafraid to be my sacrifice

I m unafraid to boldly say You are my God You are the way
I m unafraid to live a life that speaks Your praise

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