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Of Glorious Remains Pt.ii - Fading Lights Lyrics

Album Name : Tears and Ashes
Release Date : 2011-12-14
Song Duration : 6:12

Worth Dying For Of Glorious Remains Pt.ii - Fading Lights

My mind was open wide and turned towards an infinity of
men falling with the gavel
Withering like the fading lights
Oh and they flicker, they are dancing together
You trap me in this throne, my time is ticking away but i
still have so much say
Please won't you listen to me

What's done is done but nothing meant / Thank you for
coming, enjoy the show
You're just another one in a million and we don't mind
throwing you away
We're saving face, we repair our mistakes / With your
blood, we'll cover the walls
of our fortress

I'll bear the burden of all those before me who stood
their ground before you
But I won't fail to show you for what you really are
Smiling liars in slipknot neckties

I'll remember clearly each of your faces laughing at me

I will come back in time
You'll see through the lies
That they've been behind every wall every single time

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