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Witnesses Lyrics

Album Name : Witnesses - EP
Release Date : 2010-08-20
Song Duration : 3:59

Wedlock Witnesses

Say you wanna free the reserves
To keep us running strong-
It's gone wrong
Rubbish flies out of your mouth
Heaps in lies
With cameras on
I'm a witness to the rape of the earth
The miserable shape of the earth
Is getting worse
We'll never know what it's worth
'Til things can't be reversed
And it hurts
Pardon me, I fail to mention
The gaping hole that passes for a sky
Policy, stale intention
We will fall asleep and never rise
Brother asinine, sister absurd
We're on the clock, tick tock
The lipstick, pig, and sty
Have reeked too long, ding dong
We are witness to the rape of the earth
People who hate the earth
And it hurts
Blessing sours to a curse
Limousine fades to hearse
Getting worse
Pardon me, I never agreed to choking on carcinogens
In the air I breathe
Blame on you, for suffering we
Haven't learned a damned thing from our history....
We'll never know what it's worth
We're witnessing the rape of the earth...
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