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Still Unsatisfied Lyrics

Wedlock Still Unsatisfied

I've been searching day by day
Trying to find another way
To get around it.
I can take any pill I want, but still there's no other way
To get around it.
If I don't face the truth I know
Something else will take control.
I try to fake it line by line.
But I'm Still Unsatisfied
Did my mirror lie?
My mirror lied.
It's, taken hold of me
The chains won't set me free.
When I think about it
I can burn anything I want
But when the smoke disappears
I haven't found it
Can someone please, tell me why
One day you're born, and the next you die?
I don't know, but I feel
So unsatisfied, so unsatisfied...
If I shoot it up in self-defense
It doesn't change my circumstance.
I sit around, hallucinate
I watch the walls, and the drying paint.
But I'm Still Unsatisfied
But I'm Still Unsatisfied
I'm watching my world grow more unstable
I've tried to cope, but I'm just not able
I'm Unsatisfied
My mirror lied.

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