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Whisper Lyrics

Album Name : Hydralchemy
Release Date : 2009-01-14
Song Duration : 3:44

Vanguard Whisper

Craven thoughts have crept under my skin
I stand crestfallen in front your divine shine
Abashed I walk behind your wake of purest soul
My lust for you is the one thing that is mine

Come into my arms my love
And touch this warmth of mine
A feeling so sublime

Braver now I stand before your gaze
Enarmoured beats my brutal pounding heart
Fighting yet again this endless war of fate
Asunder shred my torment part by part

Come into my arms my love and touch this warmth of mine
Each second passes through our life destroying finite

Words that hurt me are the words that save me
Truths that save me are the truths that haunt me
Lies that haunt me are the lies that set me free

Listen to my words my love and share my greatest trust
All these words of vanity extend my haunting lust

Whisper to me
Just whisper to me
Whisper now, I need to hear
Whisper now, I live this fear
Whisper now, the truth is our
Whisper all to me

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