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Ephemeral Lyrics

Album Name : Succumbra
Release Date : 2005-06-20
Song Duration : 6:54

Vanguard Ephemeral

Sunlight creeping from the curtains
Fear is setting in
Confinement taking over
Day has spread its evil wings

Eternity grips me again
Always coming back for more
I lose every dawn
And every dusk I am reborn

Azure eyes and crimson lips
Lie there by my side
A silhouette of ecstasy
Drained out by the night

Hell hath no fury
Like a mind without its wine
Empty thoughts that haunt their homes
Moan in pain and whine

Darkness fell down from its throne
Leaving us so pale
Shadow swarms have flown away
Escaped behind light's veil

Calamity has befallen me
And every step I take
Takes me back from where I left
And never want to be

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