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Chimera Lyrics

Album Name : Hydralchemy
Release Date : 2009-01-14
Song Duration : 4:08

Vanguard Chimera

Time to kiss your soul goodnight, let it ease its pace
Nightfall harvests daylight soon and stars lay down their

Eyelids falling into grace, third eye opens wide
Scurrying into worlds once lost, godhood by your side

Fractal beauty in the smallest detail
Focal fantasy and curved reality
Gleaming starlets and twisted light stream
Rivets of rainbow pouring throughout pinholes

Guilt ridden thrusts
A man-beast fighting itself
Ill-hearted trust
A sin-deep love that I felt

I'm watching your mind adrift, but feeling your breath
Close to me but far away, free from daily fear

Soon I will be joining you in sweet unconsciousness
Caressing you with tired arms, inside our secret nest

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