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Tiberius Lyrics

Twiddle Tiberius

[Verse 1]
The story of a nasty man with a wicked plan from a foreign land
He was planning to kill the king and steal the queen
The great king was old and wise, with a thousand eyes in the form of spies
Who knew of the evil scheme to kill the king and queen
The king was told the news of a man called Zeus and his wicked views
So he sent four of his best knights to serve a fight

Tiberius…are you serious?
Where's Tiberius?

[Verse 2]
The king was told that Tiberius the knight was not to fight
Seems he had too much to drink passed out on the floor to drunk to think
King said he would sober up cause “If Tibby don't fight then we're shit out of luck”
Zeus' plan was almost complete, he intends to strike at the end of next week
Later on Tibby came to when the king's men told him what to do
He went right into the grey green mist where Zeus' land was supposed to exist

Tiberius…are you serious?
Where's Tiberius?

[Verse 3]
Once he knew what to do, he flew on his sword so that he was out of view
At the base of the great green mist, Tibby was stopped by an old grey witch…

She told him where to go, at the price of his hair and a coin of gold
Zeus lived in the heart of a bob with creatures as guards surrounded by fog
He knew who was on his way so he set some traps before the lake
On delay until the end of the week so save your plan to be unleashed

Tiberius…are you serious?
Where's Tiberius?

[Verse 4]
At the edge of Zeus' bog, Tiberius waited sitting down on the front
Sat there in the great green mist 'til nightfall came and he started his trip
He ascended through the trees, flied through the mist at the fastest speed
Until he landed in the great tree of oak, which was directly above of Zeus' foul home
He could hear his wicked snores, he descended the tree and approached the door
Just then a guard awoke from his sleep to see Tiberius at the base of the tree

Tiberius…are you serious?
Where's Tiberius?

[Verse 5]
Before the creature could make a move, he was struck by a dagger from Tibby's boot
He fell with a splash into the bog, then floated down stream like a wooden log
The other guys did not awake but Tibby killed them just to be safe
He did this without a peep while Zeus was inside, sound asleep
He crept in through the front door and up to the bedroom, where he could hear Zeus snore
He thrust his sword into the bed, where a pillow's place looked like Zeus' head
Tiberius knew that he had been tricked and Zeus was there right next to him
Holding an arrow to his head saying “Get down boy or you'll be dead”
Then Tiberius he heard a sound familiar to him from his home town
It was the honk of his brother Meebs who had come to his aid from the land of steeds
Meebs burst in through the door and shots Zeus down onto the floor
The two tied Zeus up real tight and sent him on his way to be imprisoned for life

Tiberius…are you serious?
Where's Tiberius?

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