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Subconscious Prelude Lyrics

Twiddle Subconscious Prelude

I'm turning and churning the thoughts in my head
I'm twisting and wrapping the sheets in my bed
Still no sleep is coming I can't seem to rest
There's something inside something I can't contest
It whirls through the wind like a small blade of grass
Then lands in a creek with an invisible splash
It floats down the stream like a paper made raft
On board is my nest my thoughts have not hatched
I don't wanna say where I'm going now
Choose to ignore all who tell me how
My eyes keep closing why can't I just rest my mind
And replace all the rambles lost in time

There's no use in trying to force out my sleep
I'm done with the pushups and counting of sheep
These thoughts are all good ones I wish I could keep
To store in my head until next time we meet
In time my future will reflect on my past
My life is a series in a house made of glass
The thoughts keep on churning how long will this last
My sleep is an outlaw my body can't catch


I'm wishing my body would set itself free
So all my subconscious could expand upon me
And show me the things that the eye does not see
A bold silver lion beneath a weeping old tree
A gold plated sunrise in the middle of the day
A hawk on the hunt with me as its prey
I'm running I'm tripping I cant get away
This can't be real I cant be awake


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