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Money Is King Lyrics

Tin Cup Serenade Money Is King

Just pop him in your pocket, like puppet on a string
We spin him right around, and he'll do most anythingthey vote for Oba ma but his way of giving thanks
Is taking all their money just to give it to our banks
But if they need a loan they will quickly come to see
The value of the property just ain't what it should be
Not a soul will ask a thing
Just pop him in your pocket
Cuz you know that money is king
Time for your bonus, here's a pile it's just for you
Because you helped us infect us with this economic flue
But we need more flesh, because we're too big to fail
Whatever we do they can't ut us all in jail
But from this upper floor you can see people down below
It must be sad to find that suddenly you're poor
It's such a beautiful thing
Just pop him in your pocket
Cuz you know that money is king
Romney's his name, we think he'll do just fine
We'll puff him full of air and well float him on a line
So we got a blue a red one too
We know that he will lose though he looks so fresh and new
You pull a chord to make his teeth move up and down
He'll give a smile as we spin him round and round
Turn a screw he'll even sing
Why bother with the polls because you know that money is king
Just pop them in your pocket like two puppets on a string
We'll write all the songs and we'll tell them what to sing
We'll sell more guns so they'll be scared to step out side
Our superpacs will choke their little chains until they're wise
And if the Congressmen won't play with our card decks
We'll sick the NRA right down upon their necks
Simply nothing they can do
In this stinking evil world we love
They know that money is king
And now they're crying at the Chevron Plant
It's just a little fire it's like a nest of ants
They're whining that it happened only 7 years ago
And now they do not like it when the wind begins to blow
We'll say we're working hard to find a simple cure
They know they caaan't do anything because they're poor
It's got a musical ring
Just pop them in your pocket cuz you know that money is king
Even a dog can run around and pick up bones
Salt fish, codfish, meat ond pone;
If it´s a good breed and not too wild
People will take it and mind like a child
But a hungry man goes out to beg
They will set the bulldog behind his leg
Sad to tell you but it's true
This country is sewn up because
You know that Money is king

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