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Sunny Oakland Day Lyrics

Tin Cup Serenade Sunny Oakland Day

Hey there how are you, I haven't seen you in some time
Boy you're looking good, and girl you're looking fine
Around here that's what all the folks will say
For Oakland this is just another sunny day
You don't have the fare, you can just gimme what you got
Sir do you need a jump, cuz my car's just down the block
Around the parts people love to live the simple way
For Oakland thisis just another sunny day
You just take your time, you're on the East side of the Bay
We slow things down, we like to keep things that way
Just sit right down, you may just find you'll want to stay
You'll find we're never spiteful, we're rightfully delightful
Don't get me wrong I love that San Francisco Mist
But from over here (you must admit) the view's simply the best
But from the churches to the bars, you can hear them say
That for over in Oakland it is just another sunny day

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