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A Whiff Of Kansas Lyrics

Album Name : Pretty Pink Tractor
Release Date : 2011-11-25
Song Duration : 2:48

Tim Hawkins A Whiff Of Kansas

I close my eyes
Tryin to get some shut eye on this airplane ride
I start to dream then I'm forced to wake up very suddenly
Someone broke wind, I believe somebody broke wind

I'm in the van
Taking a long road trip with my family
I feel the heat
coming from the backseat
my eyes are watering
Someone broke wind, roll the window down
who broke wind?
i don't know who sinned
probably one of the children


Now don't blame me even though I let one go from time to time
they sip away
but that one doesn't even smell like one of mine
someone broke wind
light a match someone broke wind
I need oxygen
Try not to breathe in
somebody broke wind


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